What You Need To Know About Turmeric Curcumin

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April 4, 2018
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Turmeric as many people know it is a yellow powder with a pungent smell and taste. In the West, few people know about turmeric as the majority of the people use it just as an ordinary spice. Well, this is different in the Asian world where they have used turmeric for a thousand years. As a medicinal herb to fight off and prevent severe medical conditions.


People extract turmeric from the plant Curcuma longa, which grows in India and other South East Asia countries. They then crush the plant’s roots after drying into a yellow powder that we know as turmeric.

What Makes Turmeric So Important?

Like any other medicinal herb, turmeric contains its own set of active compounds unique to it. Well, we call the compound curcumin. And this is a primary compound of turmeric. Naturally, the turmeric contains a low concentration of curcumin (4%), and for you to reap the full health benefits, it’s advised that you:

1. Take Concentrated Supplements – They are a wide range of turmeric curcumin supplements available for you in the market. The concentration of curcumin in turmeric is not enough. Taking a dose of a pill containing a concentrated amount of the same will be beneficial to your health.

2. Incorporate Turmeric In Every Diet – This is the hard way out if you intend to stick to the plant-based curcumin. Nonetheless, your choice is your health, make the right one.

Health Benefits of Curcumin

Curcumin as Indians believed, and now scientifically proven, offers a wide range of health benefits. These include:

Curcumin As An Anti Depressant

You can heal your depression with curcumin easy. A few doses of the supplements will start making you feel more relaxed and in control of your emotions. You may wonder how this works. Curcumin activates the release of the ‘feel good’ hormone from the brain endocrine glands. The compound makes the body to feel relaxed and makes the necessary adjustments to how your brain copes with information. Anyone with work stress can take curcumin. Or anyone suffering from mild to chronic depression.

Curcumin As A Blood Anti Clog Agent

Formation of a blood clot is crucial in your body. Platelets are responsible for the creation of clot in the case you have an open wound. There are instances where you don’t need a clot, especially in the circulatory system. What happens when you have a clot in your veins or arteries? Well, this can lead to thrombosis and death.

In the case this happens, curcumin will help reduce the formation of a clog in the arteries enabling the blood to flow.

Curcumin And Cancer

There are so many correlations drawn between curcumin and cancer prevention. Well, scientists have proven this in the lab using lab animals. The animals that ingested curcumin became 99% less susceptible to cancer as compared to the others. Well, this proved that curcumin prevents cancer. A pill of turmeric curcumin is the supplement you need to complete your life today.


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