About Us

We are a local supplement shop based in Northern California that is committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives. We create the highest quality, all-natural supplements on the market. Whether your goals are to lose weight, bulk up, or be the healthiest you can be, Nature’s Nutri-Care has you covered.

We ship our products through Amazon, so you can be assured your order will arrive correct and on-time.

Our Process

We begin by sourcing the most natural and pure ingredients we can find. The effectiveness of our supplements directly correlate to the location of the ingredients, the soil, and care of how the crops are harvested. We exclusively choose regions known for their superior condition for the highest potency of their raw ingredients.

The raw ingredients are processed down to very fine powder to maximize the speed and effectiveness of absorption into the body when digested. Most of our supplements come in vegetable capsules or pressed tablets. We will soon be releasing some supplements in liquid form.